January 13, 2023

Day 16: South Valencia (Cycle)

Guess what stupid did? Stupid did what stupid said he wouldn't do. He forgot his cycling helmet, again! So note to self failed, as did placing the helmet adjacent to the van door! Must do better. Thankfully, nobody who may have penalised my misdemeanor noticed!

I can report that today's route was good and included two recognised cycle climbs. I think the second may have been used in a recent cycle event (perhaps the Vuelta or Tour of Catalonia: names on road; usual suspects).
Climb 1:

Climb 2:

In addition, I cycled my first section of a "Via Verde", part of the Ojos Negros. Officially, Vías Verdes (literally, "green-ways") are old disused railway lines that have been recovered and reconditioned for use by walkers and cyclists. Some of the route I cycled appeared to be road! And the surfaces varied from good and gravelly to broken-up asphalt. I did not see either a fellow cyclist, walker, horse rider or car on the 20km or so I cycled.

I also saw these amazing trees. I don't know which kind they are, but I do like their morphology.

  • Distance Driven: 39 miles (drove to Naquera for a cycle and then to the place I stayed previously in South Valencia: as I start to head westward) - Already (9pm) the mosquitoes have found thier way into the van! Two so far. Since arriving, the van doors have not been opened and, when I opened the windows and skylights, I deployed the insect netting. But still they get in!

  • Distance cycled: 80km

  • Weather: High cloud and sunshine, 10°C at 10.30am, 17°C mid afternoon.

  • Location: Google Maps

Today's Route:

Note: I did not like original start location, instead I started here.