August 15, 2014

Day 150: Concrete

So Sinclair and I found ourselves at the US/Canada border. I breezed through customs, whilst Sinclair was fingerprinted and interrogated. I waited outside, just in case they changed their mind, and got talking to Joan and Jim who are about to complete the last section of the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). Meanwhile, Sinclair gets chating with Loren inside the building , who was returning to the USA, having just left his car at the end of the PCT.

So it turns out that Sinclair overheard that Loren was returning home to Concrete. Since we had planned to camp their Sinclair enquired as to whether the campsite in Concrete was any good. To which Loren said you must come and stay with me. Also, it transpires that Joan and Jim are friends of Loren and they are walking the PCT together.

It was therefore a great pleasure to arrive at Loren and Becky's place where a hot shower, good food, fine wine, some great chat awaited us. Then, to top it all we got to spend the night in this:

Thanks very much to Becky and Loren for their very kind hospitality and chat and for the opportunity to spend an evening in conversation with Joan, Jim and Jeff.