August 13, 2014

Day 149: Vancouver

A day of delays. Mainly brought about my desire for good coffee and organic pastries and then dawdled along the Lochside Trail to Swartz Bay. Not because I desited to miss the 10 o'clock ferry, but because I lacked the energy to go too much faster.

So, having missed ferry I was then delayed by a film crew shooting a car scene, and an over helpful tourist information officer, I also missed the shuttle through the tunnel so had to wait at a Shell petrol station for 2 hours!

Hence, by the time I arrived at Vancouver Airport's international arrivals (having experienced furthet delays and minor detours due to poot signage) Sinclair was on the rosd to the Hotel.

I followed shortly thereafter and finally we met up at the hotel.

Follower by map meeting in restaurant ..... are we really starting with a 107 miles to cycle tomorrow. What idiot planned that?!