April 3, 2014

Day 16: Caballo State Park

Sunset at CSP

Oh no, it's the first of April, back to work six months from today!

Ooh was it cold this morning. At 6.30am the temperature was at zero C.

Cycled over Emery Pass at approx 8,200 ft (~2,500 m). Fortunately there was a strong tail wind to assist in the climbing. However, it was gusting at 50 mph at the top, which at times made it a bit tricky staying on the road.

The View From Emery Pass

Another great day's cycling.

Campsite was adjacent to the Rio Grande. Who would have thought that when, at knee high to a crasshopper, I watched the film of the same name I would all these years later get to sleep and cycle adjacent to it. Oh the joys of life.

Jo was ill so did not ride. Lou cooked Macaroni Cheese, and jolly good it was too.