September 14, 2014

Day 180: Morro Bay State Beach

So after much agonising and gnashing of teeth it looks as though I'm going to continue cycling the coastal route. Last night, after my celebratory meal, I spent a fair bit of time considering my options: Coast or Sierras.

Coast, less distance and easier, but the riding from L.A. is said to be not so good. Also I'll have to have extra rest days and/or shorter rides.

Whereas the Sierras, which is very appealing, would require a 130 mile trek out to Bakersfield, that appears to have little in the way of services (water) on roads where the bicycling friendliness is unknown. Moreover, because of the extra distance that would be required there would be: no rest days; longer days in the saddle; a high probability of primitive camping, and a lack of services.

That is, I should have devoted more time to planning this option prior to last night, as I'm a little apprehensive about being out in the mountains and desert unprepared. Whereas, the coastal route, requires almost no planning as there is an abundance of services and camping along the way.

So this morning I made the decision to stay on the coast, which means I can update my blog (took all morning) and work out where to spend my rest days (perhaps a few days in LA would be fun).

This afternoon a short 25 mile ish ride to Morro Bay State Park (hiker/biker tent pitches $5 dollars a night).

Along the way I noticed that Cambria (very upper middle class) and Cayucos (middle class) both have Route 1 bypass the towns whilst working class Morro Bay has Highway 1 passes through the middle of the town (running alongside Main Street) and has the power station. So it goes!