September 14, 2014

Day 181: Lompoc

A very pleasant start to the day with a short ride to San Luis Obispo for breakfast and some L.A. hotel research (it looks to be more money than I'm will to spend on hotel rooms).

And here is a photograph taken in Bubblegum Alley:

From there all seemed to be proceeding well as I navigated my way to Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab. That was until I stopped to get money from my Citibank account.

There appears to be a slight problem: my account has been emptied of nearly $800!

So I checked my online account where I discovered that two "Miscellaneous Debit Sett Diff" withdrawls occurred on the 10th of September! Whatever they maybe?

Naturally, having not made any withdrawls since the 5th September, I phoned the bank. Having answered the security questions it transpired that no resolution of the problem was possible until Monday at the earliest but, more likely, Tuesday, as the teleworker also did not know what an MDSD is either !!!

Obviously, I explained that this left me over the weekend in America with only approximately $30. Ah, she said, I can authorise an emergancy payment of £25 but, unfortunately, this will not clear until Tuesday!!!!

So, currently it would seem that I have 30 ish dollars to see me through until Tuesday (today is Saturday!). I just hope that Citibank is able to sort this error out by then. Fortunately my credit card is still functioning, so atleast I can eat. And, fortunately, I was able to share the cost of tonight's tcampsite with a fellow cyclist, which halved the cost to $7.50, leaving me with about $25.