September 15, 2014

Day 182: Santa Barbara

So last night at approximately 8.20pm Brian and I were sat at the campsite table having a chat about cycle touring when all of a sudden to cars pull up, "music" blaring, the doors fly open, and out runs a wee boy, who proceeds to urinate on the grass of that particular campsite. Yes, the campers from hell had just made their ignoble entry into out tranquil evening. They then proceed to the campsite adjacent to ours and it was then that we discovered that there were 7 kids, ranging from approximately 2 through to 7 years of age and 3 adults. Yes it was noisy and if the car door slammed once during the night it slammed a hundred times. Needless to say that this was probably the worst night's sleep of the trip; even worse than the night when we had busy interstate highway on one side of us and a major freight railway on the other!

Anyway, the current prices of hotels in L.A. are currently extortionate and I do not fancy sleeping in a dorm of 9 other guys! So have opted for a rest day in Santa Barbara.

Hopefully the money situation have been sorted by the time I leave.

Once over the last climb before Santa Barbara there was a significant increase in temperature. The return of the heat is welcome, as I've been finding it a bit chilly coming down the coast, especially in the mornings and after sunset. This clearly does not bode well for my return to Glasgow where it is likely to be both wet and cold!