September 24, 2014

Day 189: San Onofre State Beach

At some of the hiker / biker sites you are allowef to stay two nights. However, this morning I discovered that at Dana Point State Beach you cannot. So Josh (he also rolled into the hiker / biker area last night) and I left to see whether there was an alternative h/b site between here and Cardiff by the Sea, which is the last before San Diego.

So the plan was to check each of the State Parks along the way that had camping just in case they had a h/b area.

Fortunately the first that we tried, although it did not officially have a h/b area, the park ranger kindly asked his boss (head park ranger) if he could charge us h/b rates rather than full price for a pitch. The hpr agreed so we got to camp for $6 each. Mind you, the campground was almost desolate, so an extra $12 is better than nought!

Slept adjacent to the main freeway between L.A. and San Diego (very noisy - no suprise there then!), a railway line (occasionally very noise) and the nearby San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant (not noisy, other pollutants not known!); it was a joy! But at 6 bucks it would be churlish to complain!