January 16, 2023

Day 19: South Valencia (Cycle)

I appreciate that the weather up there is currently less favourable than it is down here. However, we are currently subject to weather that is not ideal for cycling!

Today was as windy as yesterday: Average wind speed in the low to mid twenty miles an hour, gusting to approximately forty odd miles an hour. There are also warnings of gusts in excess of 60 mph forecast for the coming days. And, as I write, the wind is significanntly windier than it was during today's daylight hours!

Given that the wind forecast is deteriorating I decided to go cycling today day, because if I did not, then it could be days before a meaningful ride could be had.

However, instead of riding the original planned route for yesterday, which was up into the hills (delayed because I naively hoped for calmer airs today) I went for a low level, pretty flat, partly sheltered, ride of about 70 kilometres, where the wind speeds were likely to be lower than up there in the hills.

The more exposed section of this low level ride was on the return leg where the wind was typically either a cross wind or tailwind. Obviously the tailwinds were desirable. However, in order to stay upright, the cross wind had me leaning the bike against the wind, by approximately 10 - 15 degrees. Also, gusts were causing me to veer towards the edge of roads; with paddy fields either side this was not much fun (perhaps, an unnecessary, boring, aside: apparently the Valencia region is well known for its rice fields that continue to be cultivated using methods originally devised by the Moors.) Luckly the roads through the paddy fields were devoid of cars, so I could ride down their (imaginary) centre lines. Thus, providing adequate space to correct gust induced veers.

  • Distance driven 0 miles (I was minded to move on further south today. However, after cycling, and given my current location is reasonably sheltered, I thought I'd wait until tomorrow. Also, leaving in the morning means I won't be under daylight time pressure to find a more southerly, sheltered, location: I find it preferable to arrive during daylight hours so that I have time to find somewhere else if the vibe doesn't feel right. Also I can visit a supermarket on the way for some much needed victuals (The owners of the local supermarket are on holiday!!)
  • Distance cycled: 70, mostly flat, kilometres.
  • Weather: Windy, some cloud, temperatures on the bike between 11°C - 14°C

Today's Route (Ignore ascent: Garmin GPS 170m)