December 30, 2022

Day 2: Rouen to Lencloitre

At the beginning of the day it seemed like a good idea to batter on down towards Spain and tick off as many miles as I could in the day.  To quote the simple minded brexiteers, to "just get it done"!

Fortunately by about 3pm I'd come to my senses and looked to find a place to stop before the darkness descended.  I ended up in a small rural town/village (Lencloitre) where there was a nice quiet spot to park-up, at just about dusk (5pm). Normal service resumed.

Then the church bells struck; anouncing 5pm! Fortunately chiming stopped at 11pm and did not commenced again until 7am; which was too early a call to arms for me! So I dozed off until the 8am wake up call!

  • Distance drive: 239 miles (mostly single carriageway)
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Mostly
  • Location: Google Maps