April 15, 2014

Day 27: Garner State Park

Today started warm and humid and then got hotter as the day progressed. Accordingly, I Sweated from the start of the ride through to it's conclusion.

Also I thought it was going to rain today, but fortunately it did not, but the humidity was high, which probabaly accounts for the sweating so much.

Passed through Camp Wood where there were at least 15 Corvettes and loads of bikers. It appeared to be a popular congregation point.

Also passed through Leakey, which appears to be basking in thier past glory.


Judy's Caboodle

Also crossed the Real County Line; have yet to cross the Imaginary one!


On entering the campsite the warden enquired as to whether I was with the cycle race? I responded that it depends on whether I've arrived here first or not. If, I'm first then yes, otherwise I'm with the cycle tour! I was first!