April 15, 2014

Day 28: Kerrville (Schreiner State Park)

Telegraph Wires

A tough day in the saddle, felt especially tired during the mid section.

Also Was well pissed to discover that from Road 337 onto Road 39 I had 20 miles to go to Hunt, when I was previously informed that there was only 10 miles from there to Hunt. Expecatations shattered, especially the additional distance that needed to be covered before the first ice cream stop of the day, which turned out to be 60 miles instead of 50!

Hunt is the halfway mark of the Southern Tour.


There was some confusion on the way in to Kerrville as to the exact location of the campsite. Mayhem ensued! But we all got here in the end. The lesson for me is that one should not blindly follow Chuck and the Cervelos!

Result: Given the poor weather forecast we are staying in little air conditioned cabins tonight.

Here is Keith, with his giant sized sleeping bag, rated to -18°C!

Keith and Sleeping Bag

By the way, the weather forecast is for thunder storms (50%) and a bad weather front passing through over night. Let's hope it is all good in the morning.

Indeed, the question arises as to whether it was a rainy day today or not? As, when cycling over the "Dragons Back" (a particularly steep hilly section of road), we were cycling in the clouds where it was rather damp (misty/damp/smirr). However, rain jacket were not required. So the general consensus is that it was not!