April 16, 2015

Day 29: Zion National Park (Again)

The decision has been made. I shall not be doing the Utah Cliffs Route: 1) It is advised not to do it solo 2) There was a large snow storm in the area yesterday 3) I get more time to explore Zion National Park (ZNP) and Bryce Canyon etc. 4) I think it is the correct decision.

So today was spent in ZNP, which started with a 7.30am start and, oh boy, was it cold in the canyon and, as such, after about an hour of slow cycling, I was pleased to reach the Zion Lodge for a breakfast of Eggs Benedict and coffee (and,perhaps more importantly some much needed warmth).

Then it was more cycling, hiking (to the Narrows and Hidden Canyon) and photography. All in all a very pleasant day. The big suprise was meeting someone in the Hidden Canyon that I previously met some 10 days ago when I pumped up their bike's flat tyre!