April 17, 2015

Day 30: Cedar City

I must admit that today was one of my most least enjoyable day on a bike that I have had in a very very long while. It didn't start of too bad,

but as soon as I headed in a general northerly direction I was cycling into a very strong, and cold, wind, which was exacerbated by the fact that there was a fair amount of climbing to be overcome as well. Plus the cloud increased and on occasions it tried to rain as well. So in terms of cycling, it is probably best forgotten. Indeed, it was very similar to a cold bleak winter day of riding in Scotland, rather less favourable than that which I have become accustomed to whilst riding in the USA.

Thankfully, I was hosted by Lark and Zak (warm shower folks). Indeed they have been very generous hosts and I'm very thankful for a very pleasant evening in their company and for their kindness.

And, hopefully it will not be so cold tomorrow and the wind will be more favourable, surely it could not be much more worse. We shall see. Either way I have a climb in the morning to an elevation of over 10,000ft!