April 18, 2015

Day 31: Penguitch

Ultra cold morning that just got colder the higher I climbed: negative °C by the time I got to the top. Even with 5 layers of clothing, including down jacket, I could not prevent the cold eating into me during the descent to Duck Creek. Fortunately Aunt Sally's cafe was open where I had lunch and spent about 1.5 hours warming up.

Fortunately when I left it had warmed up to at least 1°C (taking into account wind chill factor from 20mph winds). Kept down jacket on all the way to my destination: Penguitch. But feet were frozen by the time I arrived.

At my destination I was pleased to hear that road 148 still had 4 foot of snow lying on it. So my decision to stay on State Road 14 to 89 was most definitely the correct one. Even if it did add on some additional milage.

So cold, no photographs until late afternoon!