April 19, 2014

Day 33: Richards (Mexican Hill Ranch)


85 Mile cycle ride, much of which was on the Texas Independence Trail.


Also I was pleased to pass through Gay Hill, but at some point it must have been less joyous, as the local religiosity was called the New Hope Missionary Church!

Chased by a dog again today! This is has been a nuisance that has occured far to frequently. And concern has been rising amongst the group as we approach Louisiana. It is rumoured that we will be able to tell how big and evil the dog is going to be by how rundown and ramshackle the shack of it's owner is! Indeed, we have been advised that our best course of action would be to hire a helicopter at the border with the State and fly accross to the next state. Obviously, this is not a viable option, so an alternative will need to be found.