February 2, 2023

Day 36: Embalse del Amadorio (Cycle)

Highlight of the day: A short 30km cycle this afternoon to test new brake pads!
And it would appear that blossom is in the early stages of blossoming! (I think they maybe almond trees?)

This morning and early afternoon was spent cleaning the grime off of my bike, which was predominantly accumulated on yesterday's ride and, to undertake some fettling of the bike.

The grime was like a thin film of cement, which tenaciously adhered to all parts of the bike!

I also replaced the very noisy brake pads, that came with the brake calipers, with pads by "DiscoBrakes", which I've used in the past, and know they tend to run significantly quieter and have good stopping power. The latter being more important than the former!

On completion of bike cleaning and maintenance, a test ride was had to check brakes on a route with a decent amount of negative gradient: after a wee on road adjustment to the rear brake, all went well with the ride.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 30km
  • Weather: light airs, sunny and warm.

Today's ride: