February 3, 2023

Day 37: Relleu (Drive/Cycle)

Sunrise at the dam this morning:

The first climb of the day was up to Puerte de Tudons.

Although the sign says 11.4km to the top, this is from the northern outskirts of the pueblo of Sella, the climbing actually started about 4.5km before this maker.

Here we see the last kilometre marker and, in the distance, through the gap in the trees there is a mast, which is at Aitana (elevation of 1558m).

The road to Aitana starts 1km down the road. I was hoping to use it, but a gate prevented me from doing so. Admittedly not all gates have prevented me from cycling on. However, a military base is located at the end of the road and, as such, the road to Aitana is only open to the public on special occassions, and today was not one of them! However, the Vuelta racing up there is!

Usually descending is a good thing. However, there was some snow and ice about today, which made for some cautious descending on those sections of road that are currently shaded from the sun all day.

Other climbs today included the Puerto de Benifallin and Puerto de El Collao.

Then it was a 13km descent back to Relleu; my park-up for the night. Spot the van!

Another adventure completed! Tomorrow's will be somewhat different!

  • Distance driven: 11 miles
  • Distance cycled: 68km
  • Weather: sunny
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's ride: (If I was doing the ride again I'd probably miss out the wee detour off of CV-785 - it has some off road, poorly made road and sections of steep gradient - I only did it this time as it was a section of the Alicante Iron Gravel route).