April 27, 2015

Day 37: Hite Recreational Area

So at last night's map meeting it became abundantly clear that I was about to embark on a stretch of cycling in the proverbial middle of nowhere. From Hanksville the next available services are 50 miles away at night's campsite, which it would appear I have to myself (at 4.20pm I am the only camper!).

And tomorrow I have a 74 mile cycle to Blanding; the next available services on route. Yes, you guessed correctly Blanding will be my next overnight stop. I expect there will be substantially more services there then are currently available here, which should not be too difficult as the grocery store only opens between 11.00am to 2.00pm (and was not too well stocked, but did have ice cream and chocolate milk - the essentials then!) and we are blessed with open restrooms (toilets for you UK folk!: I've not quite got the hang of why they are called restrooms when on many occasions I'm sure that a visit to the restroom is anything but restful for some! But I do concede that I can be a place of quiet contemplation!).

Today I crossed the Colorado River for the second time on this trip. The previous occasion was the Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon, some 300 miles away!