April 27, 2015

Day 38: Blanding

Yes, I had the whole campsite to myself. Indeed, I probably had the whole canyon to myself!

Apparently the following is the "Cheese Box Butte":

Today was a tough 79 miles of cycling especially approximately 10 to 5 miles from the end when I was confronted by a series of steep descents and equally steep ascents. Indeed I was reduced to ascending in first gear with a speed of only 3mph! So obviously the gradients must have been in the order 15 - 20%! Alternatively this could be akin to the WCF (Wind Chill Factor; where the wind results in a temperature that feels lower than would be the case if the wind was not present), where I was afflicted by KCF (Knackered Cyclist Factor: where the cyclist's perception of the gradient of ascent is increased the more tired the cyclist is)!

Mind you by then I had been cycling some 70 ish miles without the usual breaks at service stops, as there were none for 74 miles and at Hite (last night's campsite) there were effectively none, as the store did not open until 11am, and I was on the road for 7.30am!