April 27, 2015

Day 39: Cortez

Blanding by name Bland by nature, so best avoided; even what at first sight seemed like a reasonably good campsite: Grassed area for pitching tent, clean showers and a launderette, turned out to be a nightmare: What was not apparent until I went to go for some much needed sleep was that the adjacent site is used overnight as a truck stop. Not only that, they keep their engines running, which is not a constant noise but varies as engine demand changes for what I assume is for refrigeration units. So was often woken during the night.

Meanwhile: The human body is truly amazing! Yesterday as I neared my destination I was absolutely exhausted. Yet today I had a great day cycling 90 and felt strong all day. All down to some sleep, lots of fluids, a Swiss burger and french fries, a raspberry milkshake and three ice creams! But, perhaps more importantly, I was able to revert to my usual cycle touring practice, which is to split the trip into thirds with two rest/food/ice cream stops along the way.

As you can see from the today's photographs the weather resembled four seasons in one day (in other words, typical Scottish weather!). From pouring with rain/sleet on entering Cortez to sunshine when I crossed from Utah into Colorado.

Indeed, today's plan was to camp at Cortez but the weather was atrocious as I cycled the last six miles or so into town that instead I opted for a motel (The Retro Motel). I was soaked by the time I arrived and large puddles were to be found at the campsite. So a motel seemed like a much more inviting prospect.