February 6, 2023

Day 40: El Campello (Arrival)

Phew, nearly no photo for today's post! Saved the day with an evening photo of a sextet of motorhomes/campervans:

It is amazing just how much of today's time has been spent doing the basics of sustaining myself and my van life!

  1. Making and eating: breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and biscuits, and finally dinner. Oh yes, and washing up and packing up. There were 5 stops today.
  2. Buying food, which took an absolute age. I reckon I was in the Carrefour hyper-supermarket for two hours trying to find all the foodstuffs I needed to sustain me over the next week or so. Also, another lesson learnt: avoid food shopping on a Monday. It was mobbed, which is no doubt a consequence of supermarkets being shut on Sundays.
  3. Buying diesel for the van and, making my first attempt to fill up the LPG tank (gas for cooking), which failed because the Spanish, and probably the rest of continental Europe, have a different connector. News to me! Fortunately, interweb research indicated that many petrol stations keep a selection of LPG adaptors for those UK numpties unaware that such things are required when travelling abroad! Since my first stop for fuel and LPG was an unmanned fuel stop I could only fill up the diesel tank. Repsol, a little further down the road, had the necessary adaptor, which I discovered made me rather happy! Easily pleased or what?
  4. Finally, having left Benidorm at about 10.30am, I arrived in my current location at about 5.15pm!
  5. Didn't really matter, as it was raining off and on all day today anyway.

That's me been abroad for forty days and 39 nights!

  • Distance driven: 27 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather, between 80 - 100% cloud cover and rainy periods. And the forecast is looking pretty poor for the coming week!
  • Location: Google Maps