February 5, 2023

Day 39: Benidorm (Another Walk!)

Sometimes you have an itch that has to be scratched! Well Benidorm become an itch for me. Firstly as a consequence of my earlier cycle ride when I'd seen some interesting buildings, which I wished to get a second closer look at; and, secondly, whilst in Denia, I spoke to an English couple who said how much they regularly enjoyed visiting the old town of Benidorm. My interest was piqued!

So before moving on towards Alicante, I decided that I'd scratch that itch and, today was the day to do it!

After some routing issues, I parked-up and through the miracle of bipedal motion I made my way to the Old Town and seafront.

First impressions: I was surprised how busy it was (especially the promenade); there were many more Spanish voices than I expected and assumed that they were Spanish day trippers; There was a good mix of ages out and about; the older generation was out in force! I also saw my first, second, third ... tandem mobility scooters!

The tallest building you see in the next photograph is one of the buildings I was particularly interested in.

Here is a closer view of it:

Apparently it is an appartement building (more info here)

Much of the Old Town was closed, and I'm not sure whether that was because it was a Sunday or because owners are having their own holidays?

Popped down again after dark to see what it was like. Itch scratched!

  • Distance driven: 21 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Sunny, but starting to cloud over late afternoon. Checked weather forecast and it's not looking good. Should have gone cycling today! So it goes!
  • Location: Google Maps. Fortuitously Av. Beniarda is closed due to major road works; I think it is usually a busy road!