May 5, 2014

Day 49 DeFuniak Springs

Here we see a gaggle of cyclists relaxing at the campsite after an easy 45 mile cycle.


Today was Sue's birthday. Here we see her licking the cake cutting knife, which was a gift from Keith.

Sue Licking Knife

Much hilarity was had as we each presented Sue with roadside detritus found as we cycled between campsites.

This evening just after sunset there was this almighty noise being created by what one would think was a giant of its kind. Take a listen.

When in fact it waa just one of these!
A wee green three toed frog

To give a sense of scale here is one having just defecated on Jo's mobile phone!

Frog leaving calling card

Finally, here is a view from the lakeside veranda looking over Lake Juniper and the bird's nests for the resident House Martins.