May 6, 2014

Day 50: Marianna

Here we see Jo and Lou relaxing after a 63 mile cycle ride with temperatures into the 30s°C.
Lou and Jo Resting

Just four ice creams consumed by me today: 1 Magnum Infinity; 1 Strawberry Fruiticle; 2 scoups of vanilla ice cream with my peach cobbler; and 1 Mississippi Mud Pie. In addition I had 2 cookies; a piece of fudge brownie; and 2 Ice Cubes (frozen chocolate cubes).

Prior to this, for breakfast, I had 2 bananas, 3 orios, 2 satsumas and 2 Ibuprofen (vitamin I).

In addition, 2 more Ibruprofen were consumed in the afternoon, washed down with a large mug of chocolate milk.

Also consumed 2 pints of coke, and 2 cans of coke and 1 small bottle of coke (ok, so it was hot today), and three x 700ml of water, oh yes, and 1 granola bar.

Finally, for dinner I had two bowls of salad and a half bowl of fruit salad.

So that makes approximately 6341.5789 calories for a relatively flat 60 mile cycle ride and, therefore, the energy equation was undoubtedly well balanced.

Good night. Time for rest before we do it all over again tomorrow!