May 16, 2014

Day 57: St Augustine

The last day of the Southern Tier tour ended today. The ride in was quite emotional with most riders appearing to be deep in thought reflecting on the past 57 days and in excess of 3,000 miles of cycling. Either that, or they were dumb struck simply wishing for it to finally come to an end!

Anyway after the obligatory (for some, Keith and I abstained) wheel dipping ceremony in the Atlantic Ocean and group photographs it was to the hotel and then off for the "Last Supper" in the Columbian Restaurant where much reminiscing, jovality, and such was had. Oh yes and of course there was food and drink to be consumed. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to:

  1. Our Leaders:

Barb (Mother Hen and Official Photographer)

Sue ("It is what it is", just make sure that it's Full Fat Chocolate Milk when I ride in)

And also the cyclists:

Anne (Living proof that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle works at the macroscopic level: It is not possible to simultaneously know absolutely Anne's position and momentum. Probably saw more than most on either side of the road.)

Bill (Kind hearted, Fireman Bill: Dressed to kill, user of vats of sun tan lotion and laundered his way fron San Diago to St Augustine taking the shortest route possible: if there was a short cut, Bill took it)

Cathy (Our resident highly paid professional, who I am most greatful for the medical attention she afforded me on the trip (Accident repair and infected bug bite). The person that appeared to laugh more than any other on the trip and she just got faster and faster as each day passed).

Chuck (Look and Chuck sped along, usually arriving first and waiting for the van. However, Look, you'll see how light the bike is, but wait, Look and chuck appear to be slowing; is that a mechanical I see? Oh dear Look: the front mech is not working so Chuck can only use the small chainring: that will slow him down, but not enough to prevent him arriving first!

Cindy (One half of the "Sooner or Later Express", who stoically rode her trike each day on roads that it was less than ideal for a bicycle. A very impressive accomplishment and with such good humour, even when she pretended to not enjoy herself!)

Dan and Shirley (The Inseperable Cervelos, often first out of the trap and soon to arrive at the day's destination ready for a much needed beer. Not content with just a Southern Tier tour they will soon be leaving for an extensive South East Asis tour including Australia. Good luck and enjoy.)
Dan and Shirly

Jo (Durango Jo, the only rider to subject herself to not one but two bouts of illness just so that I would not suffer the ignominy of being the only one to have to ride in the van. Thanks Jo and good luck with all of your future planned adventures.)

Keith (Florida Keith, half man half reptile; man you like it hot, and your sense of humour had us all laughing. Keith's mission on the trip: To get the name and photo of every waitress between San Diago and St Augustine. Also, thanksfor trying to lead us astray whilst others tried to maintain the straight and narrow. Good luck in Nicaragua.)

Lou (An inspiration to us all, 80 years young and joined us in cycling across America, and the first to assist me after my crash. Thanks Lou, and good luck to you.)

Molly (Sweet Molly, the other half of the "Sooner or Later Express", and if you're feeling a little melancholy, maudlin or perhaps a little morose, call Molly and you'll soon to be feeling a million dollars.)

Richard (Richard, is/was he a CIA agent or is he just a gentleman adventurer in the good old victorian manner. Hope to see you soon for lunch, and thanks for assisting me through the ongoing culture shock.)

Oh yes, and then there was me, but the less said about that the better!

Thanks to each and all of you for sharing in this adventure with me it most definately would not have been the same without you. Thanks, and good luck in you future adventures.