May 16, 2014

Day 58: Morehead City

With the end of this section of the tour and the excitement of cycling on my own for the next few days little sleep was had last night.

Up at 6.30am, breakfast with Richard, Barb, Bill and Sue at 7am (Eggs Benedict for me). Finished off sorting out bike luggage and picked up hire car at 9.30am.

Unfortunately chores, such as sending package back to UK with stuff that will travel no further, finding a Citibank and a bike shop all took too much time. Also, more time was wasted whilst I hunted for the hotel reservation that it appears I did not book for Morehead City!

Accordingly my departure was some what delayed and I had little success in Jacksonville where I thought the bank and a good bike shop could be found.

Eventually arrived in Morehead City at about 2am. There was no room in the Holiday Inn Express, but there was in the "Quality Inn" for $76.

So after a final sort out of kit and re-pack so that all the gear got on the bike somehow, it was off to sleep at about 3.45am!

What a long day, but only a 60 odd mile cycle to do after I return the hire car by 9am.