May 16, 2014

Day 59: Ocracoke

Well it all got off to a rather ignoble start: at the car hire drop off I attempted my first mount of the fully loaded bike, which ended with me falling over, with bike, before I'd even got on it. How embarrassing.

Here we can see a photograph of the fully loaded "W".

The W

It was interesting being on my own having been in the company of others these past 57 days. No hand sanitising, no map meeting, no known friendly faces on the road, no Chocolate Milk on arrival at the destination, no Sue and/or Barb to rescue me should it all go wrong on the road (again!).

However, somethings have not changed, namely: the joy of cycling, seeing new sights and sounds and, of course, plenty of ice cream!

The cycling and scenery were particularly good. Here is a photograph of Cedar Island.

Cedar Island

Finally, there was an amazing moonrise this evening.