March 24, 2015

Day 6: San Diego

Finally arrived in San Diego at approximately 12.40pm.

I must say that I awoke this morning feeling somewhat trepidatious about my forthcoming cycling adventure. The fear of the unknown and the thought of facing that unknown on my own was bearing down on me. Last year I had no such concerns, but the idea of embarking on this adventure solo adds a whole new dimension to the whole affair. What if I get lonely or discover that even I do not like me?! (Yeah, I know, how unlikely is that?!!!!!!!!)

Well, have now boarded the LA to San Diego train and I can happily report that my mood has completely changed from that which I was experiencing first thing this morning. Instead of a sense of foreboding I am becoming increasingly excited about my imminent arrival in San Diego; being reunited with my bike; and delighted that this year's cycling adventure will actually kick off tomorrow morning.

Phew, on arrival at San Diego my bike was there waiting for me and yes, thankfully, it was in good order. (Another case of, if only a small fraction of the things we worry about actually came to pass then we would legitimately have something to worry about!)

And, finally, I would recommend the OB Noodle House:

Let the cycling begin ........ tomorrow morning!