March 26, 2015

Day 7: Boulder Oaks Campground

First day on the road. Sun was out, not a cloud in sight and glory of glories there was a tailwind.

I originally planned to only ride to Alpine, our first port of call on last year's Southern Tier Tour, but came across Mike, some 30 miles into the ride, who had just finished fixing a puncture. So we rode together.

Moreover, although I was sure that I had the first Southern Tier map, I did not! So was not completely sure that I could remember it's location (yer I know, how stupid am I?).

So on reaching Alpine, the decision was made to ride with Mike to his intended campsite, located further along my planned route.

The campsite is rather primitive (limited to a standpipe and basic restroom (toilet)), but free! So a bird bath was had at said standpipe.

It is now 8.30pm, i.e., half past biker's midnight - so good night! (Yep, it's a rock and roll lifestyle that we bicyclists lead!)