May 17, 2015

Day 61: Jackson (Rest Day)

So I decided to take a rest day:

  1. Jackson is an okay place to hangout
  2. The weather was supposed to be better on Monday
  3. I could watch the Manchester United vs Arsenal game in the hotel
  4. The hotel is good and the price is reasonable
  5. The next day's ride is likely to be long, perhaps, very long. I will need to get an early start and be flexible. This is because there may not be anywhere for me to stay (camp) in Yellowstone Park and the indoor accommodation I was quoted is priced at $380 per night (almost a week's budget)!!! So I may need to enter and leave the park tomorrow. We shall see.

    Whilst making enquiries at the Tourist Information I was strongly advice by Steve to take bear repellent with me. Indeed I thank him for his help and advice. So tomorrow I enter Yellowstone Park fully equipped to repel bears! Indeed I am not sure whether or not Steve intended to put the frighteners up me with regard to bear attacks but nonetheless he has got me rather concerned.