May 20, 2015

Day 62: Bridge Bay Campground (Yellowstone park)

Right, having slept on it, there was no way that I was going to rush through the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone Park simple because Yellowstone Park only appears to want to cater for people in cars/RV, or those with money who can afford to pay $380 per night.

At this time of year there appears to be nothing for the cyclist or the walk in hiker. The irony is that there are signs in the Grand Teton National Park bemoaning the threat of global warming. Why not try and accommodate the hiker and the biker rather than just the motorised vehicle user? Thus reducing greenhouse gases!. Here endith the rant!

(Except: I met a man named East(man) Hackney this afternoon as he cycled out of Yellowstone Park, his experience in the park was similar to that which I'm experiencing, although he did say that he asked a Ranger for help who told him he would or could not help, indeed "your on your own" was the response!

Otherwise it was a great day for cycling; cool, light on traffic, lots to see and even the sun came out in the afternoon (there were showers later in the afternoon/evening, but they dodged me!).

So I've had a great day and now (said in a hushed voice) I'm stealth camping in Bridge Bay Campground (closed until Friday!). Was expecting to find it empty but found that there was a Ranger's van parked at the entrance and there is at least one RV parked inside (perhaps this summer's Camp Host). So I had to sneak in and pitch at the very far side of the campground in the tent only area. Hopefully, I will not be noticed and can sneak out again in the morning unseen.

Finally, I was pleased to find bear boxes for my food and I'll be sleeping with my bear spray to hand. Goodnight (it is a quarter past biker's midnight!)