May 20, 2014

Day 63: Williamsburg (Rest Day)

First thing this morning I went to wash my sleeping bag etc. First thing to note is that it is virtually impossible to find soap powder rather than detergant, and all that variety of detergent appears identical except for the fragrance. So no choice really!

Secondly, I stupidly left my mobile phone stylus on the table in the launderette, but fortunately the woman working in the launderette spotted it lying on the table. Unfortunately she did not have the whit to put it aside, to be claimed later by me. Instead she left it on the table, so on my return it had disappeared, to which she stated that someone must have taken it: "no shit Sherlock". No wonder she is working in a launderette, perhaps if she had done her homework ....

The Trans Am tour starts today. Well, perhaps a false dawn, as the cycling does not start until tomorrow. So today was laundary, beard trim, eggs benadict, book shopping (A Concise History of the United States of America anf The Faber Book of America, coffee and cookie (whilst listening to Moroccan music and a form of belly dancing), ice cream, and then we all met up for the first time.


There are nine cyclists and, again, two leaders, so there is room on the tour for more if you would like to join us!

Tomorrow we ride to Yorktown and back.