May 20, 2014

Day 64: Williamsburg (Via Yorktown)

No Parking

Yes, yet another night in Williamsburg. In over two months this is the longest that I have stayed in the same location. Well, except for a short 24 mile round trip to Yorktown that we undertook today. Where the Yorktown Episcopalian Church made us all very welcome for lunch (and a very small dose of religiosity in the form of a blessing).


Finally managed to get the money sent to Dave (the guy who sent my damaged bike back to the UK): I'm pleased to get that monkey off of my back: it was starting to get me down. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to Dave (and Perry) for all of the assistance that they provided me but, Dave, how about getting a bank card reader!?

This evening Cindy (the recumbant tricyclist on the Southern Tour) very kindly hosted an evening at her home for the Trans Am Tourers. Not only was she an excellent host, a cake was provided .....


..... and Molly (also of the Southern Tour) provided two excellent pies and ice cream. Thanks very much to you both we all very much enjoyed the evening and it was good to show the group Keith's movie that he will shortly be submitting to the Adventure Cycling Association's video competition, which he is clearly going to be the front runner for first prize!

Keith's Movie