May 20, 2014

Day 65: Willis Church (Grenville)


So today the Trans Am Tour started in earnest in a westerly direction. The fact that I am now travelling west made me feel that my tour was heading towards its end point, which had the psychological effect of making me feel a little sad, as I was on the return leg rather than outward. Fortunately, in terms of milage I've still got some 1,500 miles to go before I reach the half way point and in terms of time, midway will occur on the 19th of June. So all is good then, and in effect, I'm still on the outward leg. So, all in all, it was just a psychological error: In the end It is all just mind games!

It would appear that:

  • The mountains in Virginia are the steepest that we will climb;
  • West Virginians have no teeth;
  • Kansas is flat and boring;
  • It's going to get very very (unbearably) hot;
  • It always rains in Oregon;
  • Beware of the Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone
  • The dogs in Kentuky are the worst you'll find in America (even worse than in Louisiana).

We shall see....

Saving the best bits until last .....

Saving The Best Bits Until Last