May 21, 2014

Day 66: Ashland

On Day 63 I may have been somewhat critical of the launderette lady. In hindsight I may simply have jumped to the wrong conclusion: thinking the worst of her, rather than giving her the benefit of the doubt. You see, rather than lacking common sense, she may well have been trusting of her fellow human beings and simply assumed that the stylus would not be stolen or, perhaps, she thought it was just a piece of junk and, as such, worthless. So if this is the case then obviously I was far too hasty and I apologise.

As for last night, I slept on a pew of the Willis Church, which was used as a hospital during the American Civil War. Accordingly, it came as little suprise to me that we were warned that we maybe visited by ghosts! But somewhat unsurprisingly we were not!

As for today, easy 40 ish mile cycle, so only 2 ice creams.

Looking forward to an early evening meal with Richard (from the South Tier Tour) and his wife, Sue.

Here is Richard at the "Last Supper", sporting his blue bonnet, awarded to the 2014 Southern Tier's top chef. Although it may appear that this is a very high and much desired accolade, unfortunately there was not much competition!

Blue Hatted Richard