May 25, 2015

Day 67: Itch-Kep-Pe City Park, Columbus

So I went to sleep dreaming of a second traverse of Beartooth Pass in the opposite direction. The weather forecast was for wall to wall sunshine. I awoke to low clouds and rain! So no Beartooth Pass for me as I see no joy in climbing from 5,555ft (1,693) to 10,947ft (3,337m) in cloud and rain and, more likely, snow and hail at the top.

So I'm currently in a coffee shop in Red Lodge enjoying a pretty good cup of coffee while I consider routes to join the Lewis and Clark Trail, which is likely to be at Columbus, Montana. So it is goodbye to Wyoming. And as I look out of the window it is absolutely chucking it down, boo hoo.

I think I'll go to the library and create some GPS routes to get me onto the LCT, which connects with my original route at Twin Bridges.

Some time later...Now at Itch-Kep-Pe City Park, Columbus (free camping), having left Red Lodge at approximately 3pm for a very pleasant 47 mile bike ride. By the time I'd created the gps routes (it took longer than it should due to haste causing stupid errors) the rain had stopped and although very cloudy I missed all showers on the way.