May 25, 2015

Day 68: Livingston

So I woke up this morning to the sound of retching and general unwellness and was pleased to discover that it was not me!

On the road:

  1. I was dry for the first 20 miles or thereabouts;
  2. It drizzled for a while and then poured down: I got very wet
  3. I dried out over early lunch in Big Timber
  4. I got wet
  5. I dried out
  6. I got wet and then dried out
  7. Was looking ahead where the skies were brightening up and so thought my luck was in, but did not notice a big black cloud sneaking up on my starboard quarter: I Got wet, again!
  8. Dried out.
  9. Front tyre punction (wire from vehicle tyre blow out) just as rain started. Fortunately, it occurred adjacent to underpass so was able to fix puncture in the dry. By the time I'd fixed puncture shower had passed.
  10. Arrived in Livingston dry.

    Day classified as a Rainy Day!

P.S. During lunch I heard that Beartooth Pass was closed!