May 27, 2015

Day 70: Dillon Episcopal Church

So I'm back on course having rejoined the Trans Am Route at Twin Bridges.

Shortly thereafter I met Greg travelling in the opposite direction so we stopped and swapped bicycle stories.

Then I was caught by Steve and John who it turns out I'd previously met virtually through Luciana and Todd's cycling tales, who had rode with them in Missouri.

Anyway we, John, Steve and I rode into Dillon together with a view to finding somewhere free to camp. After a coffee shop pit stop we checked out a couple of parks but each had no camping signs up. So John phoned around to see if we could camp at one of the many churches in town and struck lucky with the Episcopal Church, from which I write this blog entry whilst sitting in my tent pitched on the front lawn of the church amidst a thunder and lightning storm (yes it's back to the weather!, which was glorious earlier today: even had to get the suntan lotion out!).