June 2, 2015

Day 74: Salmon Lake State Park

Well my visit to Missoula has been very productive:

  1. Bought and installed new chain;
  2. Changed oil in Rohloff for the first time after some 3,750 miles of cycling (250 miles beyond the planned service, but I'm sure that riding less an additional 7% is well within tolerance;
  3. I was finding that when the ground was especially wet that there was a little water on the floor of the tent. So I have attempted to prevent this by respraying the ground sheet with water repellent.
  4. Have also re-waterproofed my cycling rain jacket;
  5. Laundered my clothes;
  6. Given my bike a clean;
  7. Polished my shoes;
  8. Had a shave!
  9. Had my photo taken at the ACA (Adventure Cycling Association)
  10. Had my bike and all that I carry weighed. I guessed at 70lb, in fact it was 75lb, but I was at the time carrying a few lb that I normally do not: replacement chain, water repellent and of course there is my big bear repellent.

The motel was, at most, one star; carpet not too clean and the room smelt rather musty. I did not fancy sleeping in the bed, so used my sleeping bag instead!

So, having spent most of yesterday and this morning in Missoula, it is an okay place to hangout, and at 2pm I'm about to depart for a 40ish mile cycle to Salmon Lake State Park.

.... Sometime later ..... with about four miles to go the rain came on. So today is the first time that I have pitched my tent in the rain. At least it was warmer rain and not sleat or snow!