June 2, 2015

Day 75: Ferndale

A very pleasant 80 mile cycle with views of forests, lakes and mountains.

Unfortunately I have discovered that I've lost my third item of the trip. Last year I managed to go some 190 or so days without loosing anything. This year I have lost:

  1. Blue Rapha cycling cap (on the eighth day I think);
  2. Nail clippers (I'm sorry Richard, but they were useful whilst I had them);
  3. Merino wool Base layer (this is a bit of a disaster, I shall seek out a replacement in either Big Fork or Columbia Falls tomorrow).

    Tonight I am staying in a cyclist only campsite (it is actually an area to the side of Mark and his wife's property: they have 14 husky dogs, which they use in the winter to give sledge rides), at a very reasonable cost of $5.