June 3, 2014

Day 78: Booneville

Only chased by 9 dogs today, including two events that consisted of 2 dogs at once. I have not included the 3 puppies that made a half hearted attempt to run after me!

So I went into Walmart to purchase an air horn with a view to sounding it when a dog instigates a preemptive attact from in front of me, and the "sound defense" can be deployed when they chase from behind. I shall also purchase some pepper spray, as Carl successfully deployed his pepper spray on a dog today.

Whilst in Walmart I was surprised that guns were for sale! "Go to your local supermarket and whilst buying your weekly victuals why not pop a rifle into your shopping trolley?

Guns at Walmart

Then you can take pot shots at road sign on your way home!


Only in America!