June 3, 2014

Day 79: Barea

Phew, only 1 dog event today: Chased by a pair of black labradors.

So yesterday I passed the 4,000 mile mark, only about 6,000 to go. Also, it transpires that we passed through the poorest county in America. I suppose that goes some way to explain the almost ubiquitous trailer home as the residence of choice and the high incidence of free roaming dogs.

Stopped in the "Home Town Diner" in the town of McKee. The owner was very pleasant and had a very good selection of toy cars and associated paraphernalia.

Toy Cars

We are staying in Barea tonight, not only that, we are also having a rest day here tomorrow. The only problem is: it is a dry town! So no red wine with our evening meal! How uncivilised is that? But it does have a very good coffee shop (Barea Tea and Coffee).