June 4, 2014

Day 80: Berea (Rest Day)


A most relaxing day off of the bike centred around my stomach! A varient of eggs benedict and orange juice for breakfast. Followed shortly thereafter by a coffee. For lunch it was beef sandwich, salad and raspberry lemonade, followed by two scoops of ice cream and then back to the coffee shop for more cappuccino. Finally it was Bleu LT followed by more ice cream! Yum yum.

So I'm looking forward to the ride tomorrow, just so that I can burn some of today's calories off.

The only real incident that broke the peace and tranquillity of the day was when the town's sirens sounded. At first I thought it was to warn us that the country had been invaded but it turns out that it was just the tornado sirens going off to warn of predicted severe thunderstorms, so no need to worry then, as the tornados are predicted to occur elsewhere!