June 6, 2014

Day 81: Harrodsburg

Today's Wow (words of wisdom) moment:

Today's WoW

So the thunderstorms past us by, but there was rain early morning, which delayed play. Eventually left camp at 9am with no rain, but very overcast. It remained like this until late afternoon when the sun shone. So, since there was no rain when I was cycling, the day is classified as a non rainy day.

Yet more good cycling, but now we are traversing rolling hills that remind me of cycling in the UK.

So it is the first Thursday of the month and surely that means it must be bourbon tasting night?

Well, should it not be that on arrival in Harrodsburg that I discover a bourbon tasting event is occurring that very same evening at the Kentuky Fudge Co.

The upshot is: I've got myself a place at the tasting table! Thanks Tim.