June 3, 2015

Day 77: East Glacier Village

Yesterday, having put up my tent, it rained on and off for most of the night. And in the morning I rode in drizzle to my breakfast stop at the Issak Walton Inn (built in 1936 by the Great Northern Railway for their workers, and I imagine that it is a railway buffs dream come true to stay here).

From there I continued to ride in drizzle until I reached the Marias Pass and then, as usual, the rain came down, but at least it was only rain!

So when I stopped for lunch I decided it was going to be a half day of cycling (40 miles).

The forecast looks okay for tomorrow and I can get my laundry and blog done this afternoon.

Also, I visited Jo in her Spiral Spoon emporium and most interesting a visit it was: In addition to making spoons she also conjures up wands!

Tomorrow, it's on to Canada