June 4, 2015

Day 78: Cardston

I do like things that have multiple uses as this reduces the amount of baggage that has to be carried.

Today I discovered that my BIG BEAR bear spray doubles as a potential any size dog repellent. Twice today I encountered dogs that looked as though they may cause problems. The first dog ran out into the road (at first I thought it was a fox) and then retreated to the side of the road and appeared to be waiting for me as I advanced up the road. So I readied the BIG BEAR bear spray and removed the safety catch. Fortunately for the dog it was happy enough to only bark as a passed by.

The second incident involved two dogs, one of which decided to run down the road in front of me. Again the All PURPOSE BEASTIE repellent was readied with safety catch removed and, again, deployment of the spray was not necessary.

I will willfully spray a dog with the ALL PURPOSE BEASTIE REPELLENT as a last resort. Especially after Greg's tale, which goes like this:

Whilst cycling through Jackson, MT, Greg's cycling buddy was chased by an Alsatian (German Shepherd) dog. When the dog caught up with him it bit into Greg's thigh. As a result his cycling adventure came to an abrupt end, as he was helicoptered to Missoula for hospital treatment.

I wish that the spray was not necessary, as I do not wish harm to other creatures. I'm a bit Buddhist that way. Except when it comes to mosquitoes (Noah should never have allowed the two of them on the Ark in the first place!), which should be killed at every opportunity!

Meanwhile, two milestones were reached today:

  1. I rode into Canada
  2. I have now passed the 4,000 mile point of this trip.