June 7, 2015

Day 81: Ghost Lake Campground

So I visited the Bow River Edge Campground (Independent) in Cochrane. They were fully booked tonight, but have availability tomorrow night. So I enquired about fees, because I'll be joined by Ewan and we planned to camp there. Well it turns out that they charge per tent rather than per site so it would cost us $28 each (i.e. $56 in total). The irony is that if we rolled up in a gas guzzling RV it would only be $40 for the night.

So I thought I'd check out Ghost Lake Campground (State Park) as surely they cannot be so iniquitous? And, moreover I was keen to visit the chandlers there as I hoped they may have sail repair tape. They do, and so the tent is repaired. However, they are just as iniquitous as it will cost us $26 each to camp, even if we occupy one site, because they also charge by the number of tents.

Moreover, the staff would not give me the password to the wifi, professing to not remember it! This is absolutely ridiculous state of affairs.

I must say that going by today's experiences Canada and it's people are not leaving me with a good impression when it comes to accommodating cycle tourists (and, obviously hikers are likely to experience similar fates), but if you drive around in a huge gas guzzling RV polluting contraption your quids (dollors) in! Doesn't seem right to me but, perhaps, you could argue that I'm biased!

On a more joyful note, today I must have seen a hundred or more cyclists out enjoying a good bike ride and the Saturday weather.

More good news: The tent is repaired (temporarily).