June 12, 2014

Day 87: Carbondale

Highs and Lows

Today's low occured early in the day. It occurred when it dawned on my that I may need to use the campsite's outhouse for my morning bowel evacuation! I simply could not. There is only one toilet (restroom) in the known world of cycle (i.e. America (i.e the United States of America)) more hideous than this one. It is located outside the Presbyterian Church in Booneville. You have been warned!

Fortunately this low was replaced by the day's high when, on leaving the campsite I checked to see whether the campsite's more modern toileting facilities were unlocked (they are locked at 5pm along with the showers!) and, joy of joys, they were.

On The Road
On the road

Managed to avoid the showers today. Very overcast in the morning eith sun not coming out to play until the afternoon.

Here we see two old boys (Jeff and Brendon) recreating a scene that could easily be one from the days when they were two young boys: appraising their latest caper or planing their next!