June 12, 2014

Day 86: Dixon Springs State Park

Cave in Rock, Illinois, Bike

Today we crossed into the State that is Illinois: The Land of Lincoln, or the Prairie State.

To get to Illinois from Kentuky we had to cross the Ohio river. Unfortunately there was no road sign welcoming us into said state. So here is a photograph of the ferry.


Nonetheless, it was clearly obvious that we had left Kentuky as the grass is green on this side of the river!

It rained! It poured! I got thoroughly soaked! It was warm rain!

However, with exception of my shoes, I was mostly dry by the time I arrived at the campsite. More importantly there was an ice cream shop opposite the campsite! So, to celebrate my arrival at today's destination and to drown my rain related sorrows I had three scoops of ice cream (chocolate, black cherry and raspberry sorbet).